For a visit to the Hornbill Festival, Alder Tours and Travel could arrange for you accommodations ranging from tented accommodation, homestays, hotel and luxury camps. However Hornbill Festival being a peak season, visitors are advised to book far ahead of time so that they can get their share of rooms. During this peak season, accommodation become scarce and pricey as well. They charge much higher than the regular rate.


Tented Accommodations :

Alder Tours and Travels organizes tours to natural areas for trekking and adventures with families and groups. Camping in the forest and woods with tented accommodations  give you the experience to take nature walks, treks and adjust oneself with nature’s watch in the lap of nature. To cater visitors and guests and help alleviate the problem of scarcity of accommodation during the Hornbill Festival, Alder Tours runs a camping site which is a located at a walk able distance of 1.4 kms from the festival venue. The camp will be operational during the hornbill festival time and visitors interested can book send us a mail, call us or drop a message at the bottom of this page in the form to book their tents in advance.


Homestay Accommodations :

For those travelers who can adjust with the basic amenities can experience one of the most authentic local experience staying with the local families. It is a good thing not just for the families but for the guests as well! There are also homestays with good rooms with attached toilets having all modern amenities. More and more homestays are coming up seeing the benefits of running homestays by the local people.


Hotel Accommodations :

There are no star rated properties and hotels in Nagaland. But Kohima and Dimapur has few decent and 3 star equivalent hotels. Alder Tours can arrange for you hotel accommodations if you have any requirements for the Hornbill Festival and other times as well. Most of these decent hotels are around Kohima and Dimapur. Hence travelling beyond Kohima, Dimapur or Mokokchung, visitors should not expect much of hotels but of course, there are guest houses and homestays with Western WC and modern amenities.


Luxury Camping Accommodation :

Alder Tours and Travels is the local partner of TUTC (The Ultimate Travelling Camp) and can arrange for you luxury camping accommodations. The camp is just 10 minutes drive away from Kisama, the Hornbill Festival venue. Should you have any requirements for luxury accommodations during this peak season, We could arrange for you.

For any accommodation related queries, drop us a mail at <aldertours8@gmail.com> or fill in the form below mentioning your requirements.


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