About this site

Logistic Services for Hornbill Festival available :


This site is intended to provide services during the Hornbill Festival as Kohima is a small town and run short of services peak seasons like Hornbill Festival for hotel accommodation, transports and tour guides, etc. Even though there are a good number of registered service providers, many a times visitors are unable to reach the service providers as many of our homestays and properties don’t have proper street address and are not listed on the internet. Hence, to link and fill the gap between the guests and local hosts, and give them services during the peak season, this website has been created.

Hornbill Festival is a time of celebration not just for the people of Nagaland but by thousands of visitors and tourist who come and take part in the festival to enjoy the local culture. Should any visitors or tourists require service to attend Hornbill festival, We are here to help you.

Welcoming you to the Hornbill Festival!